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KCSF Centre

The Center aims creation of a hub, which will be directly serving further development of the civil society sector through promotion and support of the organization and good governance of CSOs; collection, structuring and dissemination of information on latest developments of the civil society sector; capacity building for CSOs; and enhancing the cooperation between CSOs, public authorities and donors.

Main fields of the Center
Based on the experience of the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) on the development of civil society and the process of European integration, main fields of the KCSF Center are:

Civil society legislation

  • General principles of non-for-profit law;
  • Law on Freedom of Association in NGO and its implementation;
  • Public Benefit Status and its implementation;
  • Basic fiscal framework for CSOs.
Organization and internal governance of CSOs
  • General principles of internal good governance;
  • Decision making and governing structures of CSOs and their role;
  • Internal regulatory documents (Statute, Internal rules of procedure, etc.);
  • Transparency and accountability.
Citizen participation in decision making
  • General principles on citizen participation in decision making;
  • The role of civil society organizations in policy making processes;
  • Levels of citizen participation
  • Legal framework for citizen participation in Kosovo;
  • Public consultation levels and techniques;
  • Cooperation levels between public authorities and civil society.
Civil society participation in European integration process
  • The role of civil society in European integration process ;
  • Mechanisms and structures of cooperation between EU and civil society;
  • Mechanisms and structures of cooperation between local institutions and civil society;
  • Civil society participation in drafting, implementation and monitoring of key documents on EU – Kosovo relations.
Funds for civil society
  • CSO fund raising capacities;
  • Methods and resources for supporting civil society organizations;
  • Technical Assistance programing;
  • Donor coordination.

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