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Civil Society Funds

KCSF Implemented Schemes

Democratic Society Promotion (DSP)

During 2014 – 2018, DSP will support projects with impact for the society, and will provide institutional support to organizations that systematically follow and encourage these changes. DSP aims to achieve positive changes at the local and central level.   


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Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI)

KCSF is the local partner of Canadian Embassy for the implementation of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) in Kosovo. This fund provides direct support to non-for-profit organizations engaged in local development. CFLI calls specify the fields where applicants may apply, and the call is published on annual basis.     

CFLI Call 2014-2015

CFLI Call 2015-2016 


CFLI Call 2016-2017

CFLI Call 2017-2018


Sub-granting scheme for grassroot  CSOs advocacy initiatives in Kosovo

European Union Office in Kosovo (EU Office in Kosovo) through the project “Sub-granting scheme for grassroot  CSOs advocacy initiatives in Kosovo” implemented by the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), will provide financial support to advocacy initiatives of the grass-root civil society organizations.


Call for applications for grants for networking and regional/international representation

Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), with the purpose of strengthening civil society’s role in drafting and implementing policies affecting the communities and general public through the promotion of joint activities with partners, provides financial support for NGOs membership in regional /international networks and regional /international representation of civil society organizations.


Calls for applications in be found in Albanian and Serbian only.


Grants for regional/international representation 


Grants for networking


All questions related to the grant application from this scheme may be sent at [email protected]


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