Kontakt: arber.gjoni@kcsfoundation.org

Arbër Gjoni is a seasoned professional with 12 years of experience in the field of Film and TV Direction, encompassing both NGO and business sectors. With a background as a Photographer, Arbër has made a mark in the industry, specializing in event coverage. Holding a degree in Film Direction, his expertise is rooted in creative storytelling and visual craftsmanship.

Arbër currently thrives as a Camera Operator and Video Editor, showcasing his proficiency in capturing the essence of various events. His work reflects a deep understanding of visual dynamics and an innate ability to craft compelling narratives through the lens.

With a geographical focus primarily centered on Kosovo and the surrounding region, Arbër has contributed significantly to the local arts and culture scene. His journey is a testament to his commitment to visual excellence and his role as a vital contributor to the vibrant creative landscape.

Arbër Gjoni’s dedication to his craft and his journey as a Film and TV Director, Photographer, Camera Operator, and Video Editor exemplify his passion for bringing stories to life through the lens.