As a part of the EJA Kosovo program, the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), with the aim at strengthening civil society’s role in developing democracy, provides financial support for NGOs membership in regional/international networks, to promote joint actions with regional and international partners.  


Local non-governmental organizations, except for the excluded categories as follows: 

– Despite their legal status, sports clubs, sports federations, amateur cultural associations, or religious organizations, which are registered as NGOs, are not targeted for KCSF grants. 
– Similarly, NGOs representing businesses or similar entities, which have obvious financial capacities to cover the costs of their organization or sustain their activities are not targeted for KCSF grants. 
– Branches of foreign and international NGOs registered in Kosovo are not eligible to apply. 


The Evaluation Committee shall review all applications individually and evaluate them in line with the following criteria: 

  • – Benefits that the organization will have from this membership. 
  • – Compatibility of the mission and scope of the applying organization with the mission and scope of the network in which membership is sought. 
  • – Not to be led or managed by Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). 
  • – Accepts and commits to abide to the Core Values for EJA grants. 
  • – Among applications that meet the same criteria above, priority will be given to: 
  • – Organizations that cannot cover the membership fee from any other source. 
  • – Organizations that have not previously had networking support from KCSF. 


  • Membership fee in regional/international networks.  
  • Bank transfer expenses. 


Application for networking support is made through the online application system

The application guideline is available here. 

* The video that can be found in this link provides you with the instructions for registration and use of the application system: . In case you face difficulties or need additional clarification about this system, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone. 

All questions related to this form of support can be sent to