Suzana Arni was a part of the KCSF team for almost 23 years, from its founding in 1998 until her retirement in 2021, while she served as KCSF’s executive director from March 2004 to February 2006.

Graduated as a technology engineer, Suzana was engaged in a laboratory for the research of construction materials from the 70s, until the mass dismissal of Kosovo Albanian workers in 1991, when she was engaged in the civil society sector.

In 1998, she received a donation of three computers, a moment that would mark the founding of CeDeCis (Center for the Development of Civil Society), which would later become KCSF. Suzi, as she is known to her many colleagues and associates, joins KCSF in a variety of departments and roles, from Project Coordinator to Program Director, from part of the Core Grants Team to Executive Director.

While her role in the development of KCSF was comprehensive during 23 years of engagement, Suzi made a decisive contribution precisely in the period 2004-2006 when she led KCSF and ensured the survival of the organization in one of its most difficult periods due to changes in the EU funding model, as the main donor until then.