Mental health is universal human right. Through the KCSF programs are supported activities and interventions that deal precisely with the awareness of society about mental health and the advancement of mental health services in the country.

Among our grantees from the re-granting programs, we have the Center for Information and Social Improvement (QIPS), which has been supported through several schemes in their work for the provision and improvement of mental health services for the citizens of Kosovo and the fight against mental health stigma.

Currently, through the small grant for the project, QIPS is organizing public discussions in all municipalities of Kosovo, ensuring that the drafting process of the Law on Mental Health is more comprehensive and reflects the needs of citizens.

Among other activities, QIPS through the “Life Line” continuously offers a telephone service for suicide prevention, the only service of this nature in the country.

This grant is supported through the KCSF Program, EJA Kosovo, which is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Sweden.

Programi Eja Kosovë