The Kosovar Civil Society Foundation was one of our main supporters in this journey, starting from 2012. Thanks to KCSF, we were able to set up the School of Journalism Ethics, as the foundation for creating a pool of professional journalists in Kosovo. Widely respected by all media outlets in Kosovo, this School has now established itself as a basic necessity for young journalists and journalism students. Apart from the School, for quite a few years now we have benefitted from institutional grants, which were instrumental in our internal consolidation and sustainability, as well as in strengthening our capacities to deliver services for the media community. KCSF were never just our donor, they are our mentor. Their support is tailored to our needs. We learned how to write realistic project proposals that would be viable for funding, as well as how to implement them best to reach our objectives. We now have strong management and reporting capacities, we’re better at fundraising and we have a mid-term strategy

-Nehat Islami
Former Executive Director of Press Council of Kosovo