The overall goal of the programme is to support the democratic participation and development of a strong and vibrant civil society in Albania and Kosovo, by supporting NGOs that advance the EU accession process through contribution to one of the following five thematic areas:

Non-discrimination and gender equality independent media

Minorities and marginalized groups

  1. Environment protection
  2. Anti-corruption
  3. The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:
  4. Increase the number of NGOs that contribute to thematic areas of the programme;
  5. Increase the capacities of NGOs so their contribution to the thematic areas and EU accession criteria is enhanced.
Grantistët e Programit NOR
Emri i organizatësTitulliShuma (në euro)Kohëzgjatja (në muaj)Viti i fillimitRajoniProgrami
Network of Peace Movement (NOPM )"“Strengthening the integrity of youth and civil servants to fight corruption at the local level”" € 25,610.09122021KosovëNOR
Teach For Kosova (TK)"Young Leaders for Education" € 27,682.74122021KosovëNOR
BONEVET Prishtina"STEM Education for All " € 29,727.64122021KosovëNOR
Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture (ACDC)"Enhancing Institutional Response to Corruption in northern Kosovo " € 26,483.70122021KosovëNOR
Civil Rights Program Kosovo (CRPK)"“Increasing the capacities of the local authorities and minority communities’ members to identify, report and treat discriminatory practices in Kosovo”" € 29,970.99122021KosovëNOR
Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS)"Boosting Citizen Activism in Environmental Reforms through an Active Civil Society" € 26,848.80122021KosovëNOR
"Fondacioni BONEVET Gjakovë (BONEVET) Fondacioni Bonevet Kaçanik (BONEVET Kaçanik)"“BONEVET – Education without barriers” € 27,662.00122020KosovëNOR
Balkan Sunflowers Kosova (BSFK)“Learning Centers path to inclusion of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities” € 32,560.00122020KosovëNOR
Crno beli svet"Fact-check it out" € 32,767.00162020KosovëNOR
Democracy Plus (D+)"Exercising public pressure and exposing potential corruption in four non-majority municipalities through active monitoring and comparison in their decision-making and citizen inclusion͟" € 32,653.88122020KosovëNOR
DokuFest͞Film and Factual Media: Educating 4 Equality" € 31,435.00132020KosovëNOR
Fondacioni Jeshil“Let’s Talk About Food Waste” € 27,016.88122020KosovëNOR
Fondacioni Shtatëmbëdhjetë (17)"Point of View II" € 33,347.00122020KosovëNOR
Initiative for Kosova Community IKC"Go Green In Agriculture" € 31,921.50122020KosovëNOR
Internews Kosova“Fact-Checking Municipal Promises” € 28,722.00142020KosovëNOR
Institute for Development Policy (INDEP)"Informed citizenry, independent monitoring and cross-institutional coordination for evidence based environmental policy in Kosovo" € 32,710.00122020KosovëNOR
Lëvizja FOL"Whistleblower, the law protects you" € 31,690.00122020KosovëNOR
BIRN Kosovo"Fact-checking for Accountable Media" € 32,870.00152019KosovëNOR
Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development - KIPRED"Increasing accountability and capacities of the Kosovo institutions for implementing the SAA related EU requirement on gender quality" € 38,790.49142019KosovëNOR
Organizata per rritjen e cilesise ne arsim - ORCA"Fighting corruption in Kosovo highter education" € 36,520.00122019KosovëNOR
Safe House - Gjakova"Promoting gender balance, through economic empowerment and prepetrator rehabilitation" € 38,722.00122019KosovëNOR
Organizata kosovare per talent dhe arsim - TOKA"Diversity in Action - for youth,by youth" € 38,615.00122019KosovëNOR
EC ma ndryshe"ECO School" € 38,820.00122019KosovëNOR
Riinvest Institute for Development Research"Bussiness Anti-Corruption Code and Coalition (BACC)" € 34,005.00122019KosovëNOR
GAIA"Climate for Change" € 34,502.00122019KosovëNOR
Kosovo glocal (Kosovo 2.0)"Enhancing the bridge between media and citizens" € 38,834.9582019KosovëNOR
Qendra e kujdesit ditor - PEMA"Transforming the lives of children with disabilities in Kosovo" € 38,834.95122019KosovëNOR