The Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), during the previous year has been working on defining the minimum standards for the public consultation process at government level. Apart from reviewing the international principles and practices in the field of civil society participation in decision-making, KCSF has also consulted numerous representatives from the civil society and public institutions.

This process has resulted in a policy brief on Minimum Standards for public consultation process, a document which contains an analysis of the current legal framework and its level of implementation, main
challenges of public consultation process and a detailed list of standards and sub standards that would have to be implemented by all government level institutions.

KCSF has already officially submitted this document as a proposal to the Government of Kosovo, through the Council for the implementation of the Government Strategy for Cooperation with civil society. We expect from the government to take this document under consideration and, through a comprehensive process and the participation of civil society organizations, draft a normative act that would set the minimum standards for public consultation.

The document in Albanian is available on the following link: Zingjiri i pakompletua – Propozim i politikave mbi Standardet Minimale për procesin e konsultimit publik

The document in English is available on the following link: Incomplete Chain – Policy Brief on Minimum Standards for Public Consultation