The Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) is an independent and non-profit organization which engages in the civil society development and support of Kosovo’s European integration process. Within the framework of these program areas, KCSF utilizes various instruments, such as: provision of information, capacity building, re-granting of funds for civil society, research and advocacy.

During the implementation of various activities, KCSF often tasks experts from various fields, both local and foreign, as KCSF associates. Associates of KCSF are engaged in the delivering of thematic training sessions, provision of professional coaching to KCSF grant and training beneficiaries, involvement in various KCSF research activities, involvement in drafting other KCSF documents, etc.

In order to implement its long-term strategy, KCSF invites all qualified and experienced experts to express their interest to be included in KCSF’s External Associate List, for the following fields:

Civil society development, with an emphasis on these following topics: civil society legislation; civil society participation in decision-making; cooperation between the civil society and public institutions; public funds for civil society; fiscal policies for civil society; active citizenry (including formal education on this topic); etc.

European Integration, with an emphasis on these following topics; European Union policies; Kosovo-EU relations; inclusion of the civil society in the European integration process; EU funds for civil society; etc.

Internal organizational development, with an emphasis on these following topics: project cycle management; financial management for civil society organizations; management and internal governance of civil society organizations; development of research methodologies and techniques; development of communication tools and public relations; etc.

To express your interest, please send your CV to, accompanied by an annex in your CV with a list of topics for which you have expressed your interest, no later than May 31 2015.

Depending on the activities and specific topics, KCSF will contact corresponding experts from the external associates list, with the aim of discussing any eventual cooperation.

Expression of interest does not indicate any obligation from KCSF to engage an expert or to establish any contractual relations between KCSF and KCSF associates.