Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo (SCO-K), the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) and the Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF)  are pleased to inform you that call for project proposals on waste management is open.

The current situation of waste management in Kosovo is worrying for many reasons. The key problems include inappropriate infrastructure leading to inappropriate management and handling of operational issues such as lack of implementation of legally required reforms, insufficient enforcement of policies and legislation, insufficient coverage of waste collection services, low levels of waste fee collection, persistence of illegal dumpsites, etc. The implications of those challenges result in continuous increase of waste generation thus producing negative effects to the environment we live in and consequently the public health.

Considering the above, the Democratic Society Promotion (DSP) II project decided to open a specific call for implementation in the area of waste management. The projects are expected to directly contribute to Outcome 1 of DSP, i.e. that citizens and civil society organizations increase their demand for, and take an active role in seeking high quality services, good governance and the integration of minorities.

The overall goal of DSP is to support the development of a democratic society in Kosovo. The long term perspective is to contribute to significant and sustainable changes that will in turn contribute to the development of democratic society in Kosovo.

Interested NGOs should submit the standard application form for project grants along with all annexes. The deadline to submit applications for this call is 14 June 2017.

All the aditional information on DSP project, including application guidelines for the call for project proposals on waste management and application form can be found on www.kcsfoundation.org/dsp.

Any question you may have on the preparation of applications or grant application details can be sent via e-mail at dsp@kcsfoundation.org.