1. Within the call, can we foresee opening a website for the publication of all financial statements and other activities? Can the drafting of an advocacy strategy be envisaged as an activity according to the current strategy?

It can be presented if these activities are in line with the organization’s strategy, they contribute to achieving strategic objectives or offer you the opportunity to have better representation as an organization and contribute to increasing the level of transparency.

2. Can branches of an organization apply?

Applicant organizations must meet all the requirements and criteria set out in the call for applications.

3. Should administrative documents be submitted at the time of application with other application documents such as internal financial regulations, HR, etc.?

Apart from the mandatory documents presented in the application guideliness, it is not necessary to deliver other documents.

4. Can the content of the applications/project be in English?

Yes, applications can be submitted in one of three languages: Albanian, English, and Serbian. All templates are on the KCSF website.

5. Should the list of organization members be signed when we submit the application with other documents?

All documents must be submitted as per requirements in the part for mandatory documents, including whether these have to be signed or not.

6. Can we move the margins in the application form and intervene in the forms for writing purposes?

No, you can not intervene in the published format.

7. In the budget, in the part for presentation of program costs and components, how are they supposed to be presented?

The budget should include all organization activities depending on the organization and the projects/programs you have.

8. Are we allowed to foresee additional activities in addition to those planned in the strategy we are currently implementing?

Proposed activities should be in line with the organization’s strategy regardless of whether activities are being implemented or not.

9. Is the application permitted if the organization is registered in Prishtina but has a membership at the level of Kosovo in different cities? In other words, it is an organization that works at the national level?

The EJA Kosovo program supports organizations that operate at both local and central levels.

10. What does civic engagement mean if the organization’s target group or the group with which the organization works is a separate community, for example, blind people?

Engagement of the target group, regardless of which category it belongs to, is expected to be systematic and intentional throughout the organization’s work. For more details, please see the guidelines for applicants: civic engagement.

11. What is the percentage of the budget that can be spent on administrative or staff expenses?

Except for the category for organizational development where the limit is 15%, there is no limit for other categories.

12. Is the drafting of a new strategy foreseen in the framework of this grant if the current strategy is expiring?

In the call for institutional grants, the organization must have the strategic document of the organization which covers all or most of the grant period.