Legal and regulatory environment on philanthropy

Kosovo’s legal framework on individual and corporate philanthropy remains a barrier in further developing and incentivizing the given ecosystem. Thus, the Government and civil society have acknowledged the importance of an enabling environment for philanthropy vis-à-vis development of civil society, in general, and specifically in supporting community initiatives and issues of the public good.

Building on existing studies on philanthropy conducted in Kosovo, KCSF and The European Center for Not-for-Profit Law Stichting (ECNL) will initiate an assessment of the legal and regulatory environment regarding philanthropy in Kosovo. This aims to produce a comprehensive and multi-layered analysis of the key bottlenecks impeding philanthropy development in Kosovo and the ability – of civil society, mostly – to push forward arguments about the overall value and impact of philanthropy development in Kosovo. The report of the analysis will serve as a foundation to initiate a policy-dialogue that promotes a culture of individual and corporate giving for the causes of the public good.