Governmental Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society

To support the implementation of the Governmental Strategy for Cooperation with Civil Society (GSCCS) and increase the participation of CSOs in the implementation process, CEA, through its partner CiviKos, supported the establishment of Civil Society Thematic Groups that will identify main challenges and shortcomings regarding the implementation of the Strategy and the overall legal framework pertaining to an enabling environment for civil society development.

Additionally, through CEA partner CiviKos, formal and regular communication channels will be established with Secretary Generals through which CiviKos will advocate directly in matters related to the implementation of GSCCS. Furthermore, to ensure inclusiveness and higher participation of CSOs, CiviKos will organize regular meetings and workshops with CSOs across Kosovo aiming to inform them about the opportunities of participation and monitoring of the Strategy, as well as translate in an easy way how does the Strategy correspond to their daily work and how they can participate in its implementation.

Lastly, CiviKos will serve as an overseer of the GSCCS by monitoring the implementation process regularly and providing public reports with findings on the implementation progress of the GSCCS, as well as recommendations on how the implementation can be improved.