Teaches Sociology at the University of Prishtina. He specializes in the legitimacy of political authority, and has studied sociology, philosophy, international relations, and political theory in Prishtina, London, Budapest, and Tetovo. Gëzim is a member of Central and East European International Studies Association (CEEISA), and member of ISA (International Sociological Association).
His main research interests include the problems of political sociology, politics and power in society from interdisciplinary perspective, legitimation of authority, ideology, statebuilding, dynamics of collective identity, political activism, and social movements.
Gëzim has published in serveral international and local journals, and participated in research projects for international and Kosovo local organizations and institutions. He is the author of Legjitimiteti politik në Kosovë: rasti i administratës së përkohshme ndërkombëtare [Political Legitimacy in Kosovo: The Case of International Transitional Administration] (2020), Republika në udhëkryq: Kosova në dekadën e parë të pavarësisë [Republic at the Crossroads: Kosovo in the first decade of its independence] (2017) and editor of Leximi kritik i Tekstit: hermeneutikë moderne e arsyes islame [Critical Reading of the Text: The Modern Hermeneutics of Islamic Reason] (2019).
He is also a freelance translator and has translated non-fiction literature from English to Albanian published in Prishtina, Tirana, and Skopje. Gëzim contributes to Sbunker blog with comments and opinions on political and social developments, and to the thematic blogs: “Vita Contemplativa” presenting theoretical viewpoints on society, politics and culture from the tradition of social sciences and humanities, and “Ç’ka qënë, e ç’do të bëhetë?” presenting and discussing the Albanian political and cultural thought.